Top Travel Destinations for Solo Tourists 50+

For many of us, how we take a trip and the location on where we choose to travel begins to take on a different thought process once we reach 50… especially if we are travelling solo!  We think about staying in a location longer and investing in the history and culture of that location.  More focus is placed on convenience, the weather, what kind of food, facilities and activities will be available, is it budget friendly, and most important – is the location safe. Keeping all of those thought in mind, we have identified some of the top vacation destinations for tourists over 50.
Aerial view of ancient mayan city in Mexico
Mexico: Mexico is the home to some of the friendliest people you will meet. Colorful, bright and extremely economical, Mexico homes many native groups with their own foods, custom handicrafts and archaeological sites (Aztec, Maya, Mixtec, Zapotec and many others).  Combined with the fact that many North American expats spend their winters there – it isn’t too hard to become part of the local fanfare and feel like you are home.

Mexico City is quickly transforming itself into a cultured capital, with a bustling food scene that travellers rave about. Due to its elevation, the city has the tendency to be cool and pleasant to walk around most any time of the year. Mexico’s Pacific Coast is another location that has become popular. Visit the quaint colonial towns of the highlands such as Oaxaca or Guanajuato at your own pace and learn about their history. These places provide a little bit more authenticity than the Caribbean coast, which caters primarily to package tourists and couples (with prices to match).

Oia city on sunny summer day, Santorini or Thira, Greece

Greece:  As the birthplace of western civilisation and democracy, Greece’s history goes back countless years and is finest discovered through the archaeological sites and museums spread around the country. The environment is warm and bright from April to October, and welcomes you enjoy the beaches on dozens of islands. Crete is known to be a favorite location especially if you are into hiking and taking in the sights of the beautiful spring flowers.

Despite the lure of the islands, make sure to plan for a couple of days in Athens. While the city appears to be busy and chaotic it is nice to just enjoy strolling around and, more recently, take advantage of the broadened metro. The city does offer many healthy and tasty food locations, friendly residents, and has a slightly older population (one person in five is over 65) among the highlights.

Italy:  Just like Greece, Italy is rich with it’s history and culture, and as we know, includes some of the very best foods worldwide. Seasoned travellers rave about visiting the more popular art treasures in Rome and Florence and the canals in Venice, but exploring some of the lesser known areas such as Puglia, Basilicata, Umbria, or Le Marche, will give you a more authentic look of the country.  Travelling by train through the beauty of the country is the way to go, and although Italian trains are really affordable, they may not always be prompt.
Grand Canal in sunset time, Venice, Italy 
If hiking is on your agenda, Cinque Terre is a nice base for a couple of days and will allow you to stroll the easy seaside course in between its five vibrant towns.  Did you know that Italy has the second oldest population in the world, with almost 25% of people being 65 or older?  I bet that is due to the Mediterranean diet, and the unwinded attitude of its people.
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