Think Happy Thoughts


Think Happy Thoughts

Cindy Joseph’s “Pro Age” revolution Mantra
By Jann Seal

“The world does not need another tube of lipstick!”

Cindy Joseph when it was suggested that the former makeup artist and current model create her own line of cosmetics. And then she started thinking…

She saw products, print ads, commercials, all rallying around “anti-aging” and decided that fighting the inevitable was counter-productive, counter-intuitive and a waste of time. “I was listening to people touting the ‘prime’ of life and started wondering what happened after the ‘prime’ had passed? That’s when my ‘pro age’ revolution was born.”

“Pro age is an internal concept,” Cindy explained in her soft, sweet voice. “Instead of getting worse as we get older, we believe that age brings wisdom based on life experience. We’re in our prime every day. Pro Age is a mindset geared toward the future, and is based on the learning, adventures, feelings and life-experience we’ve gained that lead us to every new day.”

Back to that tube of lipstick

Cindy’s mane of shimmering gray hair and perfect features led to her modeling career, but it was her experience as a makeup artist that gave birth to BOOM by Cindy Joseph.

“I named our product line ‘BOOM’ because I thought of it as the explosion of a revolution.” “’Less is more’ is the message, and BOOM is the messenger.” The product, sold exclusively online and featured in national magazines, isn’t oozing with product. Eight items complete the collection, with BOOMstick Color, Glimmer and Glow highlighting the selection.

“Heavy foundation and powder only enhance the definitions of crow’s feet. And dark colors on the eyes and lips give an unnatural appearance. A little bit of color, some glimmer and a touch of glow are all a woman needs to look fresh. “I think of silver hair and crow’s feet as badges – like the kind you get in Girl and Boy Scouts. They are the badges I’ve earned!”

And now the wardrobe

Fashion and styling for women are crucial to our outward appearance, which affects how we feel inside. Colors also play an important role, as Joseph explains in her seminars that couple her with color and wardrobe consultant Rivka Grubb. “A wardrobe stylist works with your body as it is today, not the body you had when you were 30, or even 40. Stand in front of your closet and look at each garment. Ask yourself if it brings you joy. If not, toss it!”

Debunking the PR

Television and print advertising aimed at the BOOMer generation focus mainly on one of two subjects: pharmaceuticals that portend relief from physical restraints that hit the over 50 set, and cosmetics that declare that looking “over 50” is a sin. Men get to chew on erectile dysfunction pills while women furiously rub creams into their faces as though they’re the fountain of youth.

Looking and feeling youthful are the goals of BOOMers, so say the thirty-ish advertising gurus who create those ads, and magic creams and tablets do the trick. Cindy Joseph doesn’t see it that way. “Do we really see ourselves as victimized by age? Have we lost our value as our outer beauty changed?”

“People our age are doing things they never did before,” explained Joseph as her voice reached a pitch of excitement. “We’re not sitting on the front porch, knitting. We’re shifting from one kind of beauty to another and are tossing away outdated beliefs.” Joseph came to these understandings as she, herself, aged. “I’m done with the insecurity of youth. I know who I am. I understand myself more and appreciate women and all they have seen and experienced. I’m excited to see what we’re going to be doing in our 80s!”

The joy in living

“Get excited. Be enthusiastic. Share your thoughts, your feelings,” are the words behind Cindy Joseph’s pro-age revolution. As Rosalind Russell once said: “Taking joy in living is a woman’s best cosmetic.” Added Joseph: “And don’t we all love being around happy people? People who emit a spark?”

“I’m proud of the life I’ve lived,” Joseph concluded. “I don’t want to hide that.”

Cindy’s message has gone universal, with appearances at the Smithsonian in September, and at AARP events. Her “Saturday With Cindy” video blog can be viewed on YouTube and via her Facebook page. Her BOOM cosmetics line is accessed via