The Private Jet Experience


The Private Jet Experience

Embark on a Magnificent Journey Where Luxury Rules and Your Every Wish Becomes Reality – The Private Jet Experience

By Whitney Roper

Travel is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer, so why not treat yourself to the absolute best. Travel by private jet to circumnavigate the world, hemisphere or even a country.  The private jet experience travel allows you to immerse yourself in new and exotic destinations that major air carriers cannot easily access; bypass long customs and security lines and come and go based on the itinerary and not an airline schedule.  Adding to this already “perfect way to travel” are the exclusive, extraordinary experiences of your itinerary in each destination, the unheard-of level of service and the highest level of comfort both on the ground and in the air. The overall private jet experience is tailored to you from the time you book the journey until you are returned safely to your home. Prior to departure, you will complete a detailed guest information form. If you drink a diet coke at 11:00 every morning, they will have it there for you. Their goal is to make your experience special and memorable; no request is too big or too small.

Reid Travel recommends jetting off with Abercrombie & Kent, Lakani or the new Crystal Air Cruises for the most unforgettable memories. These three companies specialize in curating itineraries to provide ample time to learn and discover what interests you in each destination.

Abercrombie & Kent by Private Jet has been the leader and pioneer in luxury travel for nearly 50 years. The Private Jet experience with them takes luxury to another level. Travel with a small group of 50 like-minded guests on an exclusive-itinerary-packed insider access, fine dining and invitation-only events arranged with local experts throughout the world. Jet from one destination to the next with a staff of expert tour managers on board a privately chartered Boeing 757 equipped with first-class, fully lie-flat seats, a crew-to-guest ratio of 1:8 and there is even an onboard executive chef who will prepare whatever is requested—if not instantly, within a few hours! Once you are on the ground, luxury does not stop there. Dining is an experience for the senses in beautiful locations. Whatever the destination, the views from your table create an event-like atmosphere.

The 2017 destinations range from the Tropics to the Arctic

Colombia – Cartagena, a bastion of well-preserved colonial architecture. Your hotel will be the Sofitel Legend Santa Clara Cartagena, originally built as a convent in 1621, combines colonial heritage with the finest in modern comforts. A choice of restaurants is a planned surprise for each destination.

Easter Island, French Polynesia and the Solomon Islands, where you will witness a local wedding ceremony arranged exclusively for A&K. Swim with one of the greatest creatures in the ocean—the giant whale shark—in the Philippines. Experience the life of the nomad when you attend a special presentation of the Naadam Games in Mongolia. Uzbekistan affords the chance to walk the streets of Samarkand, a 2,000-year-old city. Discover the riches of the Tzars in St. Petersburg and cap your journey with a toast to the midnight sun in Iceland.

Traveling in unmatched Lakani style, you are always assured of exquisite accommodations, comprehensive sightseeing, personalized attention from their hand-picked crew and expert tour managers, and gastronomic delights both in the air and on land. Lakani jets can accommodate a maximum of 40 passengers but select journeys allow fewer guests. Lakani’s “Dine By Choice” Program offers the flexibility and the option to personalize your travel experience. While traveling the world, you can learn a lot about culture and the destination within the dining experience. This program allows you to dine at your comfort level in each of the destinations within your itinerary. On every pre-designed Lakani Luxury Tour you will have a Lakani Tour Manager, also known as your personal concierge. Many itineraries can be modified based on specific interests, preferred travel dates and budget.

Pre-designed or custom-designed journeys range in length of time

The Americas: Tour colonial cities and Mayan ruins of Mexico and thrill to the adventure of Central and South America.

Middle East: See the awe-inspiring Treasury at the red city of Petra; mingle with the Bedouins in the United Arab Emirates; cruise the Nile and view ancient temples; swim in the Dead Sea.

Africa: Seek out the mountain gorillas of Rwanda; encounter Africa’s wildlife on game viewing drives; sit under the stars of the African night skies and sip sundowners.

South Pacific: Take a yacht cruise around Sydney Harbor; bungee jump or go white water rafting in New Zealand; witness the Mudmen ritual in Papua New Guinea.

Asia: Marvel at the Taj Mahal at sunrise and sunset; ply the waters amid the karst formations of Halong Bay; explore the temple of Angkor Wat; shop in the Ginza District of Tokyo.

Europe: Take in the magnificence of Versailles; stand in wonderment at the sight of Stonehenge; bask in the glory of Neuschwanstein Castle; view the vineyards while cruising the Moselle and other endless sights Europe has to offer.

Introducing an unrivaled new manner of global exploration, the award-winning Crystal experience is now available by air.  Travel on the world’s newest and largest private jet where you will enjoy the personalized services of expert Crystal Skye Butlers, superb Michelin star-inspired cuisine and a host of world-class amenities. This is the only private tour jet with an extensive on-board wine cellar (Skye Cellar) and a state-of-the-art in-flight entertainment system with 24” HD monitors and seats that convert to 180-degree lie-flat beds.

Explore the world in extraordinary style on a boutique collection of 15- to 29-day all-inclusive journeys. Aboard their privately owned, customized Boeing 777, travel to fascinating lands crafting your own unstructured itinerary in each iconic destination.

Crystal Air Cruises offers expansive social spaces. You can choose from a unique collection of experiences in each destination from an inclusive yet interchangeable mix ranging from tantalizing gastronomy to exhilarating adventures and everything you could imagine in between. On a journey to ten of the world’s most exciting cities, enjoy a selection of unique, curated Crystal experiences and bespoke programs by The Peninsula Academy that reveal their very essence – historical, cultural, and lifestyle—while luxuriating in the warm hospitality of The Peninsula Hotels. No matter where you are around the world, you will always stay in accommodations that define a true sense of place so that you feel the destination and its culture.

No matter which private jet experience you think is the best fit, you will not be disappointed. These companies make sure that they will create an unforgettable experience every time you indulge in treating yourself to luxury private jet travel.