People are Her Canvas


RIVKA GRUBB – People are Her Canvas
By Jann Seal

She paints. Not the masterpieces that are hanging on walls of museums, but the women and men who stand before them, visually devouring the artists’ riot of colors and textures, people are her canvas. Unlike museum art, Rivka Grubb’s easel and palette are live, come in all sizes and shapes, and gratefully accept the changes that this master of color and clothing imparts.

Rivka Grubb is a wardrobe consultant and color guru.  Rivka’s father was a furrier. Her mother a dress designer. Scraps of fabric and shards of pelts were forever on the floor. Rivka started putting them together and created wardrobes for her favorite doll. Today, “living dolls” occupy her professional life as a wardrobe consultant to both men and women.

Just the Way You Are…

Working with people, understanding their personalities and how they regard themselves is fundamental to Rivka’s success. “I want them to realize that what they have inside is the basis for how they look outside,” Rivka explains. “People know in their own minds what they want to look like. I call that thinking inside the box. What I do is give them the instructions to get outside!”

Rivka drills you on looking at yourself and finding what you like about yourself. Then she builds by pulling out her toolbox and getting to work with you. “It’s like peeling away the layers and finding a diamond inside.”

Back to Basics

There’s a reason bras and underwear are found in the Foundations Departments of major stores. They are your foundation. The wrong bra can make a woman look matronly, while panty lines ruin even the most expensive pair of slacks. The bra you wore when you were in your 20s is not the bra you wear when you’re 50 plus. Get fitted by a professional. Most high-end department stores offer this service. Rivka wants you to walk out of that store with a well-supported and proportional bust-line. Step one complete.

Color me – Me!

What color is your hair? Eyes? Skin tone? Rivka works with what you’ve been given and improves you from there. What’s your body shape? What do you want to convey with your look? Do you have a particular style? If it doesn’t work with your frame, she’ll show you alternatives.

“I’ve been in many dressing rooms with clients,” Rivka said in her warm, gravelly voice. “I’ve watched as they cried after putting on the colors and wardrobe pieces I chose.” They’re crying from happiness. “I can’t believe I look like this,” they repeat as they twirl in front of the mirror, admiring themselves from every angle.

Age is another critical determinant when Rivka styles a client. “As I grew older, the information that was ingrained in me matured as well,” she explains. “I didn’t have a stylist, so I had to evolve by myself and recognize what my body looked like. Every woman reaches that point, and most are clueless about what to wear to still make a mark on their professional lives.”

Black is Not the New Black!

Once Rivka determines the right colors for you, she gives you her
“Forever Ring of Colors”, a selection of colors to carry when shopping for clothes, paint for your living room and makeup. As one can see, “color” is at the heart of Rivka’s philosophy.

“Color is vital,” Rivka says. “Clothes and jewelry alone don’t complete a look—no matter how expensive they are. Color is energy. Put a black sweater on a blonde woman with blue eyes and pink skin, and her radiance dims. We’re dictated to by the fashion industry that still thinks that black is ‘where it’s at!’”

She continues, “There are two ways to look at color –by itself, [where you] fall in love with it as a ‘color,’ and then look at the color as a piece of your wardrobe. Put it next to your skin and ask ‘do I want to wear it or look at it?’ If the color doesn’t work for your hair, eyes and skin tone, make a pillow out of it and admire it from afar!”

Rivka’s sense of humor lessens when she talks about her clients. “I dress sizes 0 to 28, and I find that my larger sizes are the ones that express the most pleasure and gratitude for my work,” she says. “Many, for the first time, walk out into the world with an air of confidence. They’re ready to face the world like never before.”

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