Lovers Deep The Mile Low Club


LOVER’S DEEP, The Mile Low Club

In a “take that!” to the airline industry’s Mile High Club, Oliver’s Travels suggests that you join Lover’s Deep, The Mile Low Club. The zenith of exclusivity and innovative luxury travel, Lovers Deep is your private leisure submarine excursion.

The sub will fetch you at the Caribbean island of your choice, although Oliver recommends you board in beautiful St. Lucia. You’ll be welcomed aboard with champagne and find rose petals scattered on your bed. Your journey is accompanied by a captain, a chef, a butler, and the mood-setting, sensual stylings of Barry White. You’ll feast on aphrodisiac delicacies that include oysters, caviar, and chocolate fondant. The romantic mind reels.

In consultation with Oliver, you can specify exactly where your mobile love sub should station. Hang out next to a coral reef, or poke around an old shipwreck site. While it’s safe to say that Lovers Deep is a trip of a lifetime, it’s also safe to say that if you have a fish phobia or are prone to claustrophobia, you are best to resist.

If you have a bottomless savings account and a love that goes deeper than the ocean, a British travel outfit has produced a package that permits fans to make their own tsunami waves in a charming getaway aboard a high-end submarine.

OK, so it’s not yellow. But for adventurous couples who might have already inducted themselves into the Mile High Club at 35,000 feet, Oliver’s Travels has actually adjusted a leisure submarine with luxury furnishings and “sound-proof living lodgings” as part of their Mile Low Club.

The undersea marine hotel called “Lovers Deep” can be moored near the coral reef off the coast of St. Lucia or near a sunken battleship in the Red Sea.

However love at the bottom of the ocean doesn’t come cheap. You’ll need to spend $292,800 USD per night for a stay on the submarine vessel.

For the tidy sum of an average, middle-class suburban home, guests get a captain, a personal chef and butler, speedboat transfers and optional add-ons that include helicopter transfers, beach landing, two-person shower, and champagne-soaked breakfast.

For good procedure, the company will throw in a rose petal scattering service.

Visitors who reserve the submarine cottages as part of their honeymoon bundle in 2014 are also being provided a complimentary fans’ dinner menu that consists of oysters, caviar and chocolate fondant with essence of pomegranate.

Lovers Deep is the most recent in a new travel pattern rising to the surface. In reaction to the banality of skyscrape buildings, increasingly more hoteliers are plumbing system the depths of the ocean for brand-new and innovative accommodations experiences.

The Manta Resort, for instance, offers a striking underwater space off the coast of Tanzania that consists of a suite constructed four meters below the surface of the Indian Ocean, backlit by underwater spotlights.

Perhaps one of the very best existing examples is the Ithaa Undersea Restaurant at the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island hotel, which regularly makes it onto travel pail lists and most-exclusive lists.

Set five meters below the surface area, the fine dining restaurant includes 180-degree views of the coral gardens.

And the blueprints for a futuristic-looking luxury hotel in the Maldives expose strategies to construct a spaceship-like building 7 meters above water on 5 pillars. The lower deck, meanwhile, will be developed to 30 meters listed below the surface area.

by Laura Winzeler