Let’s Talk About Sex and the New Technology


Let’s Talk About Sex…and the new technology to help you improve function

Regenerating Sexual Potential with Dr. Lisbeth Roy, D.O.

Sex is vitally important and has a profound impact and influence on the quality of our lives. If you are not having the rich and robust sex life you desire, then let the following information bring you hope and direction.  Let’s talk about Sex…and the new technology to help you improve function in my new book Regenerating Sexual Potential; I discuss many exciting treatments few doctors and patients know about. I also debunk the depressing myth that we have to say goodbye to sex as we age.

If you or your partner suffers from sexual challenges or changes, you are not alone. You should not be ashamed or embarrassed.  Sadly, a great deal of sexual dysfunction goes unreported and untreated.  In fact, fifty percent of the population has sought professional care for sexual changes and challenges. Many more men and women are affected but have not turned to their doctors due to embarrassment or resignation.  And some people who do consult their physicians are told that limited help is available. Women are mistakenly assumed to have very few options.

Sexual changes seriously affect our relationships, our emotional security, our happiness and our own self worth. The quality of our lives is directly associated with the level of intimacy achieved with our partners as well as our own sexual performance. After all, sexual intimacy is what separates our relationship with a partner from all our other relationships. Motivated consumers are looking for help and are seeking to restore their sexual function and desire. Thankfully, there are safe and effective solutions available. Many progressive physicians are integrating these treatments into their practices.

Sexual intimacy is a physical, spiritual, and emotional activity, essential for our sense of self, our sense of well being, and our sense of connectedness.

A man’s sense of self-worth is directly related to his ability to perform. When a man suffers with sexual dysfunction, he is often most upset about not being able to please his partner. The sexual act is not only a self-gratifying activity, but also one where we express love, allow vulnerability and show our commitment to each other.

Like men, women garner much of their sense of security from the notion that their partner is sexually attracted to them, excited and pleased by them. If their partner can’t perform, they wonder if they are unattractive or undesirable. Many men become depressed by an inability to perform and withdraw from the love relationship due to feelings of failure. This fuels a woman’s insecurity even more, and becomes a vicious cycle.

Both men and women take the lack of sexual “success” personally, often leading to feelings of inadequacy. We have a strong need to feel desire and sexual reassurance. There is often a sense of disconnectedness when the quality of our sexual relationship changes. This can be a change in desire, ability to perform, or a lack of satisfaction due to difficulty achieving orgasm, or even fear and worry about performance. Sometimes the fear and worry about performing can lead to avoidance that can quickly spiral into withdrawal.

Sexual Wellness Impacts Our General Wellness

It is important to seek care to address issues of sexual disconnectedness. When you feel loved, supported and desired, there is confidence. We feel valued and tend to take control over our lives and health. A healthy and satisfying sexual relationship improves self-esteem and affects our hormones, especially the “feel good” hormones like endorphins and oxytocin released during intimate activity. The morning after a wonderful sexual exchange can bring produce a spring in your step and positive thoughts about your partner during the day. Sex changes the quality of life, level of happiness and general wellness.

Ground Breaking New Therapies

Sexual health and function have many moving parts, and at my practice we pull out all the stops to address any and all contributing factors to sexual dysfunction. We start with fully identifying the areas of health that need to be addressed, repaired and supported. We take a customized approach to restore sexual desire and function since each person is different and has different combinations of imbalance causing the problem. The problems can be hormonal, physical, emotional or a combination of all three.

I typically use several tools and technologies in combination to individualize the treatment. The results are best when an understanding of the underlying imbalance and cellular function is known. A combination of patient history and symptoms, along with hormone, cholesterol, inflammatory, metabolic markers and key nutrient levels, are drawn and evaluated to best understand the problem and to aid in designing a treatment strategy. There is rarely a “one size fits all” treatment.

PRP Is a First-line Regenerative Therapy

I try to restore function from the “ground up.” A technology called Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) rejuvenates and restores the health of the tissue. When I place it in the sexual organ, we see improved blood flow, increased sensitivity, improved lubrication, resolution of pain and more intense orgasms for both men and women.

PRP is a regenerative therapy that takes what your body has for healing and regenerative potential and focuses it to address sexual wellness. The PRP treatment starts with a simple blood draw, with the blood processed using specialized equipment and devices to concentrate the healing elements. These elements are platelets, growth factors, monocytes (anti-inflammatory white blood cells), and biological proteins.

Once the PRP is injected, growth factors then go to work to repair and signal stem cells to the area to regenerate. You have probably heard of athletes using PRP to prevent injury and even to heal injuries, because when used the tissue is strengthened and even “anti-aged.”

Starting the treatment strategy with PRP improves the chance of all other medical interventions. When we start by regenerating healthy tissue, we are improving the potential for optimal function and are providing an opportunity for other treatments to work better and longer.

A few of the other interventions used are:

Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Restoring balance and desire as well as improving energy, sleep, metabolism and emotional balance. All are necessary for optimal sexual and general wellness.

Oxytocin Spray or Troche

The cuddle drug, it’s the hormone that is released by both men and women with orgasm. Helps with arousal, intensity of orgasm, ease of orgasm, and can lift the general mood.

Oral Drug Therapies – Viagra, Cialis and Levitra

These medications work very well for some men and not well enough for others. Sometimes they work for a while and then stop for unknown reasons. The good news is that PRP can restore the ability to use these medications successfully, because PRP actually turns back the clock and regenerates the ability of the cells to respond to the medications once again.

 For Women – O SHOT

For women, PRP applied to the vaginal and clitoral areas improves lubrication, sexual sensitivity, and ease of arousal and intensity of orgasm. The rejuvenation that results from PRP thickens the vaginal lining and makes the tissue healthier. Pain associated with vaginal dryness goes away.  Even pain in younger women not associated with dryness or hormone changes resolves.

PRP helps improve and even correct urinary leakage. Urinary leakage affects more than 45% of women to the point of interfering with their quality of life.

Quality of Erection, Staying Power and Intensity of Orgasm – Priapus Shot

PRP helps men improve quality of erection, intensity of orgasm, sensitivity and staying power. Having an erection is a pretty dynamic process that we take for granted when it’s working well.

Pain with Ejaculation

PRP has been very successful at eliminating the pain some men have with ejaculation. Sexual pain for men is often not talked about. Other than PRP, there is very little that can help this pain. PRP has been a “miracle” for these men.

Better Sex and Better Health

Most of us over the age of 50 experience sexual changes. Your sexual heath is important. There are options available that you and your doctor may not know about. Take the opportunity to research these possibilities to improve your sex life. You will certainly benefit from a “new and improved” lease on life and the pleasures resulting from sexual success.