Healing Power of Plants


Healing Power of Plants

Since the commencement of human occurrence, plants have always played a vital role in the progress of our species. Plants not only provides us with food and medicine but also helps to enhance our deepest spiritual experience and in development of awareness. The healing power of plants has been part of man’s medicine since they walked the earth. The beauty, captivating scents, their therapeutic and poignant qualities of plants have provided humans a gateway towards the Great Mystery of our environment, which is called “The Perceptible Face of Spirit”. 

Healing power of plants

Though people slowly understood the requirement of plants and our lands are no longer forested as they were once used to be. Every household are trying to rebuild their sense of beautiful landscape with tranquillity like our gardens, parks, and the green spaces in cities at their backyard. For numerous people, plants are immobile to divinity, peace, and beauty. Plants are also the vital reason of our health and happiness, not presently as medicines but in their capability to relax, rejuvenate, or excite us.

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Some profound part of us knows that the remedial power of plants is inherent. Almost all parts of a plant are used for medicinal purposes which saves us from nominal to serious chronic diseases. Ancients medicines especially the Ayurveda teaches use how exactly various medicine and oils can be prepared from various plants and its application. The phrase Ayurveda accurately stands for the ‘science of life’ and ‘the secret of longevity.’ This traditional therapeutic practice originated in India approximately 5000 years ago, this prehistoric discipline of fit living has been achieving ground and recognition progressively over the years all around as this practice is all natural and plant based.

Organic Foods Healthy

Few examples of healing property of plants like teas are supposed to allow the body, brain and spirit, improve the performance of bodily organs and most significantly, balance the 5 fundamentals of the body from first to last therapeutic ingredients present in the natural herbs. The herbal tea concoctions revitalize the body and rinse our system of various toxins and impurities. It’s mild in flavor and aromatic and totally uplifts the body, but also repair the mind and soul as well.

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Neem is another plant with amazing properties which often known for its capability to immune us from every disease, each and every part this tree has medicinal importance. Its twig are used to brush teeth or in toothpastes which strengthen our enamel. Oil extracted is added in various soaps, balms, shampoos as it keep one away the diseases. Neem is also used for making skin ailments to cancer.