Haulover Beach Miami


Haulover Beach Miami – South Florida’s Nude Beach

Haulover Beach is situated in North Miami Beach between Sunny Isles Beach and Bal Harbour and is known around the world as Miami Florida’s only legal “clothing optional” nude beach.Nude Beach Haulover Beach

If you’re skittish about losing your bikini, never fear the beach does provide traditional sunbathing as well and the clothing optional nude beach which is clearly marked to be aware of naked people!  Haulover Beach is also a great for surfing, swimming and snorkeling.


The Haulover Beach is a clothing optional area, a nude beach that has actually been recognized in many publications as one of the top 10 clothing optional beaches worldwide and one of the very nicest nude beaches in the United States.  Going all the way back to 1991, this 1/2 mile nude beach is located on the north end of the beach and features lifeguards, bathrooms, shower centers, picnic tables, concessions and chair/umbrella rentals.

Nestled in between the Intercoastal Waterway and the Atlantic Ocean, it has pristine white sand shores. Haulover Beach Park is very popular with the south Floridian’s which also draws individuals from all walks of life, from all over the United States, Canada and all around the world.

Haulover-Beach – Nude Beach

As many as 7,000 thousand naked people every weekend gather at Haulover Beach on a sunny day to get their all over tan on and socialize.  Haulover Beach is one of the very best clothing-optional nude beaches worldwide, and is ranked #1 as the best nude beach in the USA.  Because Haulover Beach is a clothing optional park sometimes the not so daring do leave their clothes on but very few do once they see everyone else is naked.


Haulover Nude Beach is just a small part of the larger Haulover Beach Park, approximately 66% to 85% of visitors use the naked beach area.  It is a very friendly environment and the perfect place to relax in the nude and enjoy a beautiful day at the beach.

For visitor safety the beach is also patrolled by security personnel and gawkers are strictly forbidden from taking pictures as well as harassing the nude beach goers.

Nude Beaches Miami

At the southern end of Haulover Beach is the clothed beach area and is far less busy but all beach goers must remain clothed in this designated area of Haulover Beach Park. There are signs posted at every point of entry to the nude beach to alert unsuspecting beach goers that they are entering a clothing optional area.

Haulover Beach North Miami South Florida

There is only one legal clothing-optional beach in the state of Florida and it’s Haulover Beach Park located in North Miami Beach.  This beautiful pristine white sandy beach is among the very best beaches in South Florida, however just part of the mile-and-a-half stretch is reserved for those who choose to sunbathe in the nude.That area at the north part of the beach is plainly marked to prevent people from being surprised by their neighbor on the sand disrobing and frolicking in the ocean.  Haulover Beach is ideal for surfing, snorkeling, swimming as well as drifting the day away on your float in the nude while getting your all over tan.