Foods That Protect Your Heart


Foods that Protect Your Heart

Foods that protect your heart are nature’s medicines that help’s fight against numerous diseases. In them are the nutrients our body require’s to fight off illnesses and live healthy fit lives. Increasing your consumption of fruits and vegetables in your diet will help to decrease your intake of foods which are high in fat and calories thereby decreasing illnesses such as cancer and heart disease. Fruits and vegetables include dietary fibre, vitamins, water, antioxidants, minerals, amino acids, proteins, and sufficient carbohydrates. Fruits and vegetables contain all the essential nutrients and enzymes we need for perfect balance and should consumed on a daily basis so that your body is able to achieve the full health benefits.

Carnitine Supplements

Various studies about this compound revealed that it positively affects the cardiovascular system, helps in burning up of fat, and promotes in weight loss also to help you accomplish the right body capacity and curves you wish to have. This natural food enhances physical routine, burns our fat, and improves our cardiovascular health. Recent reported clinical uses of the food enhancement is in cardiovascular disease, certain muscular disorders, diabetes, weight loss, kidney diseases, exercise and liver disorders.


Vitamin E

Fights Heart Disease and plays a vital role in cardiovascular disease, usage of vitamin E supplement can be good insurance for heart disease because the mineral selenium works wonderfully with vitamin E keeping all heart diseases away.


It prevents us from muscles spasms occurring in the heart blood vessels, which can direct to heart attack. Heart attacks can cause permanent injury to the heart muscle. Intravenous magnesium provided as soon as possible immediate after a heart attack may supply the best defense in that state. The actions of these nutrients can straight help in promoting cardiovascular health, and diminish your probability of developing heart disease.


Vitamin B

These vitamins help get rid of an abnormal protein from our body called homocysteine. Studies illustrate that those with eminent homocysteine levels are at a larger risk for a heart event.

Alcohol – moderate limited drinking helps – red wine is also helpful