Breast Cancer Prevention


Breast Cancer Prevention

Breasts are very important parts of our body, similar to heart, lungs and other vital organs to the body. Women are particularly sensitive about the health of their breasts, as these organs also attribute to their physical beauty.  Even men need to be aware about the health of their breasts, as the mammary glands are very much present in their bodies as well. Both males and females may face the danger of breast cancer, though it is more commonly found in women.

Health care of the breasts in women:

It’s advised to massage the areas around the breasts and under the armpits, not only to increase the blood flow in this region, but increasing the energy and healthy condition of the breasts.

Breast Cancer PreventionBras should not be worn all the time, mainly to bed, to ensure free movement of the lymph through the lymph channels of the breast.

Regular exercise for at least 30 minutes a day will keep the breasts in perfect health and decrease the level of estrogen in the body.

Regular diet should be chosen with care; low sugar-content diet is extremely beneficial to prevent many breast problems. Take plenty of supplement foods containing Vitamin D and also other vitamins like B-complex, C and E are also needed to be taken daily. Antioxidant-rich foods are also highly required in the daily food chart of every woman. The women also should take care to control their mental stress and be as tension-free as possible.

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Some tips for the prevention of breast cancer in women:

Women must take care of their health, by checking their body weight regularly and keeping it at the normal weight range.  Women should avoid alcohol and smoking but if you drink or smoke do it in moderation.  Being physically active for a least 30 minutes per day3 to 5 days a week is another great way to prevent breast cancer.  Young mothers must breast-fed their babies as long as possible, to avoid the danger of breast cancer.  Regular check-ups of the breasts, like mammogram is necessary mainly in aged women.

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Care for prevention of breast cancer in men:

As the breast glands of men are usually dormant, they very rarely suffer from breast cancer. Hence normally men do not need much breast care, but sometimes aged men of 60 -70 years may be affected by this disease. The exact causes of breast cancer in men are not yet discovered, but family history of this type of cancer may be one of the causes. Liver cirrhosis or excessive overweight may cause breast cancer in men too, by increasing their estrogen level abnormally. So it is advised to examine medically whenever any lump is formed over their breast tissues, and start proper medical treatment as soon as breast cancer is diagnosed.